Friday, June 8, 2012

Altered Interactions

These videos show experiences I had with nature throughout this course.  I wanted to capture the visuals and sounds I saw while moving through these environments and to capture a serene and altered experience that suggests a fragmented memory of the experience.

Yakin It Up:

Back to the Beach:

Stills From Beach:


Bowerbird Hut

This piece was created to show how nature and the animal instincts we have never die. Bowerbirds are birds that create an artist environment around their mating hut in order to attract a mate. In the past I have used the Bowerbird's idea of collecting colorful objects in my work to show how similar humans and animals really are.

Through this project I created a natural Bowerbird hut out of sticks, colorful flowers and ribbons. I proceeded to burn the hut to emphasize that although we can destroy and ignore our natural instinct and environment, they will always sprout up again in one form or another, never truly dying.

 Bowerbird Hut:

Stills From Bowerbird Hut:

Framed Environment

Throughout this series I wanted to create a sense of play in an altered environment.  By framing the foreground, middle ground, and background of vast landscapes I am trying to compress the viewer into a restricted and altered world.  In this altered realm mundane and inanimate objects come alive and roam freely across the landscape.  The relationship between these objects and their surroundings show a freedom from reality and an interaction with the water, land and the air.
While creating this piece I wanted to explore the space within a single frame and create a variety of movements in motion that range in speed and, at times, defy gravity.  The movements created show individuality and a social interaction between the toys in motion.  The experience the toys have with one another and by themselves create a sense of beauty and connection between these man-made objects and their surroundings.   
There is a sense of freedom in these framed and compressed environments as these colorful balls float around the still frame.  This juxtaposition between these two opposites is something that I wanted to convey and experiment with through this work.  I want the viewer to experience the mundane as a source of beauty through the interactions it has with nature and for the viewer’s inner child to be awaken by the playfulness of these objects. 

Beach and Meadow:

             Stills From Beach


             Framed Beach:

             Stills From Meadow:

             Big Meadow: